60 guaranteed English teaching jobs in Thailand

One year contract (12months)

HOPE ACADEMY Is Training 60 Instructors to Fill Guaranteed Positions to teach English in Thailand

With its latest partnership with the Thai Ministry of Education, Hope Academy has been placed at the forefront of the Thai Government’s efforts to supply an additional 50 instructors to teach English in Government schools throughout Thailand. These teaching positions will commence on 14th of May, 2012 with a contract length of 12 months.

To provide the required number of instructors to teach English in Thailand, Hope Academy is offering 6 TEFL/TESOL courses in Koh Samui and Bangkok from March to April to train and place new TEFL/TESOL graduates in guaranteed teaching positions to fulfill this contract.

The requirements to be guaranteed a teaching position through this partnership are a high school diploma and TEFL/TESOL certification, which would be satisfied with the completion this TEFL’s training program.

The guaranteed teaching positions do not require prior teaching experience but teachers and educators are a natural fit to teach TESOL in Thailand. Openings in the training courses are expected to be filled quickly.

This TEFL course is designed for native speakers with or without previous teaching or TEFL experience who want to gain a qualification in teaching English as a second language. It serves as an excellent complimentary course for those interested in gaining a TEFL/TESOL or teaching diploma as well as a passport for those who just want to take a year out!

Our TEFL course is very practical in nature. Modules cover a wide variety of teaching techniques and TEFL strategies with a strong emphasis on using the communicative approach to TEFL language teaching.

A job placement is guaranteed for course graduates, who follow our advice, subject to an interview by the employer! This means you can start earning as soon as you complete your TEFL course. We can assist you in finding paid job placements in many countries worldwide.

Why to learn with us?

  • We are internationally accredited, recognized, respected and accepted around the world.
  • A Guaranteed job placement offer program for your money back!
  • We have schools where you can practice teaching and apply what you’ve learned as part of the training course.
  • We will offer you all the support you will need and become your second family.
  • We will teach you an infallible student placement testing and teaching methodology.
  • Our TEFL programs are very affordable and inexpensive investment in your future. We have a choice of payment options and we offer a price matching guarantee.
  • We will assist you up to the last contract that you have in our school.

What to learn from us?

  • How to plan lessons.
  • How to engage your class.
  • Tips for keeping discipline.
  • Ideas for teaching grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • How to communicate with different level of students.

TEFL Classes

  • March 3, 2014 – 4 weeks
  • April 2, 2014 – 4 weeks
  • October 6, 2014 – 4 weeks

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Why not enroll in a TEFL course today at Hope Academy and start a life-changing experience!

Contact us directly at info@academy4hope.com for more details.

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