About Us

Aim and Methods

Hope Academy’s (located at Victory Monument) aim to bring to the community a large range of quality language courses at a realistic price, providing opportunities for those who want to learn, and a comfortable, affordable, well conducive environment in which to do so.

Our aim is to enable learners who speak English as their second language to use English language confidently at their office and while dealing with their clients. We can do this by practicing essential vocabulary and dialogue associated with working atmosphere and daily life. We use a variety of methods to explore language vital to hotel work, including role play, information exchange, word focus, sentence focus, and pronunciation training.

The method

Our school philosophy is that everyone can learn different languages with fun. You will learn any language of your choice only if you speak and listen to it. Our method is designed in a very interactive way to make you practice your newly acquired vocabulary, through different kinds of games such as role play between teacher and classmates, constructing and creating your own sentences. You will listen and repeat the same word many times and therefore be able to memorize it.

Our classes are divided into 6 levels:

  • Beginner 1
  • Beginner 2
  • Intermediate 1
  • Intermediate 2
  • Advanced 1
  • Advanced 2
    • Established in 2007 HOPE ACADEMY is fully experienced well recognized and accepted by many.
    • TEFL Qualified and experienced teachers from England America Australia New Zealand Canada and the United Kingdom.
    • Up to date learner centered EFL teaching methodologies where students have fun with the language and participate freely.
    • Emphasis on learner centered practical activities.
    • Small class sizes.
    • Flexible class timings and course lengths.
    • Students grouped according to ability Professional learning environment HOPE ACADEMY Management have many years of experience within education and foreign language teaching both in Thailand and other countries.
    • All students placement tested using Oxford University (UK) standards.
    • Latest EFL materials based mainly on University of Oxford and University of Cambridge publications.
    • Placement test before the commencement of the course.
    • Pre test and post test before and after the course.
    • Attendance in class.
    • Practice at the end of every lesson.
    • Test at the end of every week Students Evaluation report.
    • Certificate awarded at the end of the course.
    • Students hear authentic dialects and accents.
    • Students are given natural intonation and stress patterns.
    • Students develop confidence in dealing with real native speakers.
    • Students develop a greater competency in listening and speaking so that they are able to understand foreigners more easily and overcome their initial shyness and nervousness of dealing with native speakers.
    • Students are given authentic and natural models of grammar and vocabulary structures.
    • Teachers apply the latest foreign language learning techniques and methodologies successfully proven from overseas.
    • We believe each student can learn and will have an equal opportunity to do so.
    • We believe in clearly defined goals that set high expectations for student excellence.
    • We believe in the value of the communicative approach to learning.
    • We believe in the value of “producing learning” not merely “providing teaching”
    • We believe in teaching “people” not “books”
    • We believe in the value of the teacher as a “guide”: and “mentor”
    • We believe each student should take responsibility for their own learning.
    • We believe that it is human to make mistakes and from these we learn.
    • We believe in the flexibility of the learning process to “run” with the learner.
    • We believe in the value of each employee.
    • We believe in the personal and professional growth of all people within our institute.
  • With an age range of six to sixty, our learners come from many different backgrounds. Some learn English for their own personal development, some for pleasure and travel, others to be more successful at school or in their jobs. Our learners are enthusiastic, motivated individuals who enjoy the fun, communicative methodology used in class. They participate actively in pair work, group work and role plays, with any self consciousness soon forgotten.

    Most learners have the same aim – to improve their speaking and listening skills and expand their vocabulary. Much of their existing knowledge is passive, obtained from a traditional school system with large classes and a greater emphasis on grammar than developing communicative skills. It is quite normal to come across learners with a passive understanding and a solid background in English grammar but low communicative competence overall. Correct English pronunciation is a strong feature of our classes, and a great deal of importance is given to overcoming typical Thai speaker.
  • At the end of your program, we will issue you a certificate with the number of hours you studied Thai and your level.